Trade is in our genes

Our roots are in trade and our software, services and employees are 100% oriented towards trade.

We offer high-performance software products for managing the branches, the checkout and delivering the goods to the customer. These solutions have been developed over many years and have proven themselves thousands of times in practice. They are continuously updated to state-of-the-art technology and developed to meet the challenges of the future.

DRS AG – The merchant’s partner: If required, DRS also takes over the control of external service providers and suppliers, i.e. a ‘full house’. That’s what we mean by comprehensive service for trade, an all-round carefree package that stands for measurable results.


These customers trust our solutions:

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Our products

From the branch to front doors, from the supplier to the consumer

POS systems


Modern POS solution with intuitive user guidance. Several thousand users internationally as well as use in different trading situations.
Can be used flexibly, based on the latest technology e.g. as a checkout, self-service checkout, or as a mobile POS.

What does a state-of-the-art POS system have to do? It has to two things to take care of: The accumulated history and a set of future options. This can only be solved if old approaches are put aside and the whole system is completely redesigned for an ‘open’ future. And that’s exactly how our POS has been designed.

Check-out systems

Branch merchandise management


Multi-client merchandise management at the branch level is geared to the functional requirements of the branch. The system was developed for retail and supports all workflows from

  • placing the order to incoming goods,
  • inventory management to store accounts,
  • price management to shelf label printing.

When talking about software solutions for merchandise management at the branch level that have been successfully implemented within the store, then drs//STORE will always be at the forefront, without a doubt.

Merchandise management system

Centralised merchandise management


This software component drs//HQ expands drs//STORE merchandise management at the branch level to include functions belonging to centralised corporate management.

Medium-sized retail companies with multi-branch operations control their branches centrally. At the same time, however, independence concerning the product range and pricing should be maintained in order to react flexibly to local competitors. drs//HQ was designed for this multi-level organisational model. The functions of merchandise management are supplemented by coordinated functions for branch management.

Main office management software

Loss prevention


drs//LP (Loss prevention) has the aim of detecting and uncovering losses of all kinds at an early stage, such as the theft of money or goods, credit card fraud and other kinds of electronic manipulation.

drs//LP is an established standard tool for the auditor. It can be introduced very easily and fast and compared to in-house developments and individual data warehouse solutions, it generates a short ROI.

Loss prevention



The system combines all customer loyalty tools and makes them available across all sales channels:

  • Gift cards and vouchers
  • Customer cards
  • Coupons
  • Promotions
  • Discounts

drs//LOY support specific measures in order to retain customers, develop the customer base and reward regular customers for their loyalty.

Loyalty software

Delivery service


drs//DELY contain everything you need for delivery service.

  • Tour preparation
  • Planning of routes
  • Delivery/Handover
  • Follow up processing of the tour

The mobile applications drs//DELY digitise the processes of logistics and delivery.

Delivery software

Online business


drs//ONLINE for the presence of a stationary (bricks-and-mortar) merchant on the Internet

  • Online shop
  • PIM
  • Warehouse management
  • Networking

drs//ONLINE offer solutions for modern trading and of course, are suitable for smartphones.

Online business

Trading ERP LS Central

The retail solution from LS Retail based on Microsoft ERP.

With LS Central from LS Retail, you benefit from a fully integrated standard solution based on the Dynamics 365 BC platform from Microsoft.

In addition to the existing level of technical integration, all business processes and concepts are coordinated across all system components, from the cash register to financial accounting, for example. Thus, all employees throughout the company work on the same database.

Our services

Comprehensive services for trade


With experienced consultants from trade and the trade/IT arena, DRS AG offers small and medium sized businesses the chance to take quick steps forward. We are happy to support you with:

  • Solution consulting
  • Process consulting
  • Requirements management
  • Change management

We know how trading should to be modelled on the system in such a way that it runs smoothly and stays open for changes.


Introduction of the system

We offer everything – from project management and partner management through to customising – from a single source. This relieves the merchant’s IT department during system implementation as much as possible.

With its proven expertise in the field of trade, DRS AG brings a wealth of experience with it. Knowing how trading companies work, knowing what your critical success factors are, and knowing how sophisticated future requirements can be unravelled in such a way that they become manageable work packages that can implemented in such a way that they do not hinder daily operations.

Introduction of the System


After a joint project, we will not leave you alone with your IT. Moreover, we provide for a functioning IT system and with it, the prerequisite for smooth operations.

Partial or complete takeover of the operation of the systems means: Cloud, SaaS or On-Premise; 1st, 2nd, 3rd level support; remote & field service deployment; for hardware and software.


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