The chameleon among checkouts

Combinations of different checkout scenarios play an important role in retail today. In addition to stationary checkouts, mobile checkouts, self-checkouts and Scan & Go are also becoming increasingly important.

All sales must be booked smoothly, whether at the stationary checkout or on mobile devices. drs//POS maps the most diverse scenarios with one investment, from the supermarket checkout system with TSE to the self-checkout.

Self-checkout and mobile checkouts for the POS

The modern checkout solution for the retail trade from DRS AG: drs//POS is versatile with its expandable modules and thus enables different checkout situations depending on requirements.

In addition to stationary checkouts, the option of a mobile checkout or self-checkout (SCO) with self-scanning and intuitive touch-screen as well as scales and printer is now part of a modern POS system. Hybrid models can noticeably relieve the checkout zone and bring further advantages. That’s why you are in the best position with drs//POS Self-Checkout and our Queue-Breaker checkout! Because our checkout solutions for retailers allow flexible use around the clock in hybrid environments: During the day, stationary cash register – at any time, self-checkout. Of course, all our POS systems support checkouts with TSE – mobile in the store or on the road for deliveries. All variants run fully integrated in one system, whether classic checkout, self-checkout or mobile checkout.


The individual, mobile POS system with flexible application options for the retail trade

Our solution for self-checkouts, mobile checkouts and more: drs//POS Self-Checkout offers many more advantages for retailers. Self-checkouts are not only used when there is a lack of staff, but also expand customer service and enable longer opening hours. Mobile checkouts can be used by staff on the shop floor as a queue-breaker. Would you like to find out more about the possibilities for self-checkout, mobile checkout, delivery services or the perfectly coordinated merchandise management software for centrally managed, branch-based retailers (drs//HQ) or a merchandise management system for branches and retail shops (drs//STORE) in Germany? Contact us! We will be happy to advise you on the scalable solutions of DRS AG.

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Our solutions for the checkout scenarios can be operated independently of the device, e.g. at operating checkouts, SCO terminals, mobile devices (iPad, Android devices).


drs//POS can be used for various checkout scenarios, e.g. queue breakers for large numbers of customers, self-service checkouts at night counters or self-scanning when shopping.


Intuitive operation: For a positive customer shopping experience and a faster checkout process. The handling of the touch screen is similar to the familiar way of using a smartphone.


Advantages of our mobile checkout systems & Self-checkout tills

  • Compensation for staff shortages
  • Minimal training required due to intuitive operation
  • Avoidance of queues at the cash desk
  • Support of different end devices (Android, iPad for mobile checkouts, self-checkout towers & more)
  • Extension of customer service
  • Extend opening hours with self-checkout counters
  • Most diverse application environments
  • Seamless integration of merchandise management for all end devices

Self-scanning & mobile checkouts

Discover the many possibilities with DRS AG

Cashing up is one of the most important processes in retail: the outgoing goods must be booked correctly, the payment process must be handled correctly. But the checkout process is not only elementary from the retailer’s point of view; customers come to the store with certain expectations: Some want to be checked out personally, others want to scan their goods quickly at the self-service checkout. For customers in a particular hurry, mobile self-scanning hardware or apps for the personal smartphone are also an option, with which they scan the goods independently on the sales floor while shopping and then pay via app.

Ideally, retailers therefore offer different checkout types: Stationary, scan-and-go, self-checkout or mobile checkout. A smart checkout system is necessary so that no media discontinuities arise for your merchandise management. In addition, you can easily integrate a mobile checkout system with the solutions from DRS.

Would you like a closer look at our self-service solutions for the POS? Send us your enquiry via our contact form or give us a call – we will be happy to advise you individually on our software for all checkout variants in your branch! You are also welcome to download our product brochure on drs//POS Self-Checkout with detailed information!

Different scenarios for the checkout

drs//POS maps the most diverse checkout scenarios with one investment. This enables flexible adaptation in hybrid environments:

  • Stationary checkout: Our modern checkout software has proven itself many times over as a stationary checkout with TSE in retail. Employees benefit from the intuitive use of the hardware and short training periods – customers enjoy fast and reliable processing in the checkout area.
  • Mobile checkout: Whether as a mobile checkout with battery and printer on the floor or in the out-store version for on the road, our solution with mobile checkout system and W-LAN connection to merchandise management fully integrates the branch structure.
  • Self-checkout: The advantage of our SCO solution is the flexible adaptation to different scenarios as required. Whether hand scanner or built-in scanner/scale: The customer scans his purchases at the self-checkout quickly and safely himself thanks to the intuitive operation. A touchscreen facilitates operation and guides through the shopping process, so that a larger number of customers can be guided through the self-scanning process comfortably and quickly.
  • Queue-breaker checkout: To avoid queues, a store employee equipped with a printer, mobile checkout system and EFT device can scan the goods directly on the floor and check out with the help of the mobile app.
  • Scan & Go: Customers can scan the goods with their own smartphone directly on their way through the shop and complete the purchase in the corresponding app at the end.
  • Shops (temporarily) without staff: Even for unmanned shops, where customers can shop at any time and pay for their goods without staff, our solution offers a coordinated scenario of all required modules for in-store self-checkout systems.
  • Delivery service: In interaction with the delivery service module drs//DELY, the mobile checkout system enables payment when online orders are delivered at the front door in cash, by card or smartphone.

Practical functions

Such a smart system can also map various payment processes: Cash management machines where customers can deposit cash are just as possible as electronic payment with smartphone, credit, EC or voucher card.

Scales for weighing fruit and vegetables can be set up both at the personally staffed checkout and for the self-checkout. Scales on the floor or at linked meat and cheese counters as well as bakeries with price label printers can also be integrated into the system. The barcode is scanned and calculated as usual.

Vending machines can also be connected so that customers can return their deposit bottles automatically. At the service checkout or the self-checkout, you can simply hand in a deposit slip or scan it yourself.

Adaptable and fast

Depending on the situation, customers have different expectations of the checkout process, sometimes they want a staffed checkout, sometimes they want the option of a self-checkout, where they scan the goods themselves at a paytower and also initiate the payment process themselves – in cash or electronically. Our solution offers you all possibilities in one package. Switching between different scenarios is quick and easy at any time.
A combination with online channels, for example Click & Collect, is also possible with all variants. This expands the stationary trade with online perspectives and represents an optimal omnichannel model.

A smart solution for mobile tills, self-scanning & service tills

The difficulty for retailers in offering the different types of cash registers is to link the systems behind them. This is because the merchandise management system, which is closely linked to the checkout system, must function smoothly and receive the right information from each checkout.

If retailers use a smart system for all checkout types, they can react flexibly to different customer demands – without jeopardising the functioning of the connected merchandise management system. Depending on the situation, retailers can make the checkout process efficient and pleasant for customers while still maintaining a stable infrastructure. The modular system can easily integrate back office as well as data integration and various operational tools. This not only allows them to meet different customer demands, but also to deploy their staff as needed – there is then no need for a salesperson to sit at an empty till.

Retail of the future for the customers of tomorrow - with DRS AG

Whether digitalisation, online retailing or self-service: the wholesale and retail trade in Germany has experienced many changes in recent decades or is still in the midst of them. New customer expectations and technologies are challenging checkout, warehouse management and floor to stand out from the competition.

With DRS AG, you get scalable solutions that have tomorrow’s customer needs in mind – and at the same time carefully and securely transfer existing data on assortment, orders and sales into the new systems. In this way, you receive a solid but adaptable infrastructure with which you are equipped for the trade of the future.

Whether merchandise management software for centrally managed, branch-based retailers (drs//HQ) or an inventory management system for the retail trade (drs//STORE), route planning for the retailer delivery service or flexible checkout software for the retail trade: with the systems from DRS AG, you receive secure and modern solutions that drive your business forward.

Flexible and safe

Discover drs//POS Self-Checkout for mobile checkout and stationary checkout.

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