Always and everywhere

Stationary (bricks-and-mortar), online or mobile – in terms of the communication with the consumer, there should not be any difference. It is not bound to distribution channels. For the software, different worlds come together. And it is precisely this merger that enables great trade opportunities.

New services and business models arise and this requires technical innovations.


drs/ONLINE (Online business) - Everything for digital trade

Short project period

Solutions that have been proven in practice can be implemented very quickly.

Short ROI

A small investment at the start.

Further expansion is possible at any time.


With DRS Superdata, the online business is not a silo but part of the overall strategy.


drs//ONLINE offers the following solutions for modern trading and of course, it is suitable for smartphones.

Online shop

Based on standard software, great online shopping experiences can be created for the consumer, quickly and efficiently. In doing so, DRS Superdata takes care not to build the shop as an isolated solution, but to integrate it completely into the merchant’s processes.


Product information is the essential factor when it comes to digital media. This is not just because of legal requirements, but it is also used to give the buyer the best possible information and in doing so, to develop decisive competitive advantages.

Warehouse management

Different forms of operation require different types of storage. Well functioning logistics is a success factor, especially for online businesses. Given factors include the successful management of various replenishment strategies, as well as flexible adaptation to new delivery processes.


Digitization also means that IT systems “communicate” across the business as well as beyond the boundaries of the company. The better connected you are, the easier it is to do business. Not only in real life.


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