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Sector-specific solutions for non-food

The portfolio of DRS Superdata has special characteristics for individual retail sectors. The solutions consider the distinct features of a business model that are crucial for the company’s success.

All sector solutions have their full integration into the high performance merchandise management and POS solution from DRS Superdata in common.


Variants for self-service checkouts, consultancy tablets, direct calling up of the webshop


Displaying of product information, application notes, safety instructions, instructions for use, cross-selling information


Mobile POS for use on the shop floor, at the drive-in counter and at the consumer’s front door

Efficient processes at the checkout

The various areas of the non-food segment are characterised by a very diverse product range and a large presence of goods on the sales floor -in part, this is connected with a low turnover of goods, intensive sales advice and seasonal promotions.

drs//POS is our solution for the efficient process at the checkout in order to minimise waiting times.

Optimised inventory management, automatic scheduling

Our drs//STORE merchandise management system, optimises inventory management processes with inventory management and automatic scheduling, and also provides all the necessary product information in order to support sales.

As a means to support customer loyalty, drs//LOY enables the handling and evaluation of complex customer loyalty schemes on all channels – online, mobile or stationary (bricks-and-mortar).

As an additional offer for your customers, a delivery service can be integrated quickly and easily through our drs//DELY module. This enables a reliable delivery, which is completely planned and documented in a digitised format.


Your benefits

  • Optimisation of inventories through inventory management and automatic scheduling reduces capital tie-up and inventory losses.
  • Mobile solutions with direct access to all merchandise management data as well as the POS software enables customer consultation as well as sales, directly on the shop floor.
  • Increase in customer loyalty through personalised promotions, loyalty cards, coupons or discounts via e-mail, through the website or in-store.