Introduction of the system

Experience that pays off

Keeping up with the tempo

The subject of digitisation is on everyone’s lips and politicians are getting ready to turn Germany into a hotspot for artificial intelligence (AI).

Digital payment systems such as Apple Pay and Alipay are making inroads. Large retailers are developing new self-service concepts and small and medium-sized businesses are faced with the question: “How can I keep up?”

Customised projects

With our proven expertise in the field of trade, we bring a wealth of experience. Knowing how trading companies work, knowing what your critical success factors are, and knowing how sophisticated future requirements can be unravelled in such a way that they become manageable work packages that can implemented in such a way that they do not hinder daily operations: These are the factors that make us a valued partner of the merchant.

The implementation of the “big picture” takes place step by step in manageable stages. This is because of the fact that the success of the project very much depends on the extent of the scope and/or the complexity. This is why the customer is closely involved and is always in the picture concerning the course of the project. A deployable and tested system is the result of each step. Improvements and suggestions are evaluated promptly and flow into the next stage.

Everything from a single source

It is difficult to implement the introduction of new systems with your own IT staff during everyday operations.
This is why DRS Superdata offers relief.

Project management

Masterminded implementation of IT projects

Partner management

Coordination of all partners involved in the project

Set up

Installation, integration and customising of the systems

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