Manage in a way that is centralised – act in a way that is decentralised

Multi-branch operations cannot avoid many of the organisational tasks at the main office. The independence of the branch in terms of range and pricing has to be maintained in order to react flexibly to local competitors. drs//HQ has been designed for this multi-level organisational model. The merchandise management functionalities are supplemented by functions for branches management.



drs/HQ (headquarters) - Centralised management of a decentralised organisation

From the main office

drs//HQ  is the central component that supplements the drs//STORE used in the branch. In its simplest form, branch WWS is local merchandise management.

Central management of the branch in terms of product range and prices or independence in the product range, combined with local pricing, are also supported. Uniform appearance and use of entrepreneurial opportunities allow the software to respond flexibly to local competitors.

In order to open up additional sales channels, it is also possible to connect online shops via the interface integrated in drs//HQ.

Multi-branch control system

As a supplement to drs//STORE, drs//HQ has the following options:

Master data, range and price control

The master data comprehensively covers all of the requirements of the retail trade. For example:

  • Integration of suppliers
  • Manual maintenance
  • Representation of product groups
  • Price rails and/or market prices
  • Promotions
  • Data exchange with backend and subsystems

Ordering and receipt of goods

Orders and the receipt of goods can either be processed directly by the individual branches drs//STORE or centrally from drs//HQ. Thus, depending on the selected process organisation, work processes can be carried out, simplified and automated, either centrally or decentrally.

Invoice verification and conditions

Conditions are scheduled by validity period and can be related to actions. Transport costs, customs duties and taxes are also supported. This ensures that invoices from most suppliers can be processed electronically with little effort.

The check can be done either manually or automatically taking into account the thresholds for the differences.

Several deliveries can be combined into collective invoices. Any differences are reported and available for receivables management.


The data supplied by the stores (sales events, receipt of goods, accounting data, inventories) are consolidated in drs//HQ and are available in “reporting” for a wide range of business considerations.

Customer management

Whether for a delivery service or an online shop, central customer administration supports you in all areas. For example:

  • Customer orders
  • Delivery notes
  • Invoices
  • Collective invoices
  • Unpaid items

Integration of financial accounting

Standard interfaces for turnover data (turnover, sales tax, means of payment, costs, other income) as well as for creditors and debtors enable the automatic transfer of data from merchandise management to the company’s financial accounting department.

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