Touchpoint no. 1

The POS acts as an ear in the store. It affects how timely, and with what information, decision makers at the head office are in a position to assess developments in the store and are able to respond appropriately to the situation. With our POS system you are put in the picture, immediately, with comprehensive information. Stimulate demand and ensure that the products that are wanted are also available in the store. This means: Use the opportunities:


The POS system for many checkout situations

Real-time processes

By merging the channels and communicating in real time, you stay in touch with what is going on.


Different trading models are represented with one software status.

Not bound to one device

Whether used on a classic POS PC, tablet, MDE or smartphone: drs//POS is highly flexible and intuitive to use.


What our POS solution does

  • Can be used in a wide variety of application environments
  • Freedom in the design of each trading model
  • Quick implementation of new sales channels
  • Direct use of ready-made model processes
  • Lightning-fast adaptation to changes
  • Minimal training as a result of intuitive operation
  • Avoidance of queues at the POS
  • It ensures the mobility of the system e.g. for delivery services or on the shop floor
  • Can be expanded with an integrated ERP solution
  • Supports different devices, including a mixed operation

Combine experience and the future

What does a state-of-the-art POS system have to do?

It has to two things to take care of: The accumulated history and a set of future options.

This can only be solved if old approaches are put aside and the whole system is completely redesigned for an ‘open’ future. And that’s exactly how our POS has been designed.

You have the choice

In recent years, the trading landscape has been stirred up greatly. Anyone who wants to assert him or herself in the future needs to be able to play “their song” on all channels and take advantage of every opportunity. This requires a system that paves the ways rather than blocks it.

When less is more

Old software systems are functionally overloaded, which makes maintenance more expensive and handling more difficult.

Our POS takes a different path. It only provides the functions that are required for the respective business model, everything else is concealed. This makes the system lean and fast, saves time and money and also ensures a feel-good factor when it is being learnt.

Our POS solution as a self-service checkout variant

Applied with expertise

Ultimately, technology is only a tool which when used, achieves the desired effect in the hands of the expert. At DRS Superdata we make sure that switching to a new IT future will not be an unstable show of strength but rather a cautious changeover process. It needs to open the door to the future without disrupting daily operations.

Talk to us and together we can set about combating your challenges.

Solid and future-oriented

drs//POS is a versatile POS system in tune with the times.

Do you want to take a look at our POS?