Mobile business

Delivery services have a tradition, be it on your doorstep or in the ordinary course of business between companies for the delivery of ordered goods. What was once thought of as customer service is evolving into an omni-channel business model.

The mobile applications drs//DELY digitise the processes of logistics and delivery.


drs//DELY (Delivery) - "everything for the delivery service, whether B2B or B2C"

Smooth interaction

Whether delivery is the main part of the service or just a part of the added value, it essentially deals with the same questions:

  1. Which goods, when and where to? Who does it and how is it carried out?
  2. How do I get the service done so that it pays for itself?

Behind these simple statements, there is a very complex web of dependencies and processes, the smooth interaction of which is a prerequisite for a delivery service to work properly.

When this succeeds, the foundation is laid for expandable customer loyalty which, in an age of online trade, is of vital importance.

Good organisation

What constitutes delivery service? It’s about customers and their delivery needs. It’s about goods which have to be available on time. It’s about delivery dates that are fixed. It’s about vehicles and drivers who have to deliver these goods as planned. It is about the organisation, preparation, implementation and the follow-up processing of this service.

To make all of this to happen smoothly without support from a system, is hardly feasible. That’s why drs//DELY (Delivery) exists.

Faultless processing

The premise of this system is to avoid mistakes through solid planning and to process the delivery service in the most rational way possible. It would not do it justice to view this topic exclusively in terms of logistics. All of the relevant information concerning goods, vehicles, drivers, routes (cartography), scheduling as well as the ordering and billing modalities have to be brought into a functional context in order to ensure the desired result.


Benefits of drs//DELY

  • Minimising the error rate for deliveries
  • Fast processing
  • Assistance for the driver when making deliveries and unloading
  • The multilingual function means that it can be used by international drivers
  • Full transparency of the entire delivery process
  • Comprehensive documentation of all relevant data such as times, flows of goods, damages/losses, returns, etc.
  • Transactions can be made directly at the front door

Our solution in detail

Preparation of tools

  • Picking of customer orders
  • Management of vehicles for each customer
  • Central planning of the vehicles and drivers
  • Order-related loading checks according to the registered transportation units
  • Provision of the keys that are required for the customer’s buildings
  • Clearing of vehicles
  • OnDemand adaptation of the tour

Planning of routes

  • Drawing up an optimum route
  • Consideration of current traffic jams and roadworks
  • Tracking & tracing of the estimated time of arrival
  • Determining the real-time status of the delivery


  • Order-related unloading check
  • Unloading list with optimum sequencing of the individual steps
  • Scanning option for the individual units helps to avoid mistakes
  • Photographic documentation of possible damage to the goods or the means of transport
  • Recording of returns, the means of transport and empties through scanning
  • Creation of delivery documentation for the customer, which they then acknowledge by means of a signature app

Follow-up of the tour in the back office

  • Documentation of all delivery steps in real time
  • Complaints management
  • Any damage is determined and sorted out
  • Settlement of the delivery

Slim and functional

drs // DELY with its multitude of functionalities digitises the delivery service without the need for any great technical overhead.

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