Strengthen existing strengths

The logistical advantage that retailers have, namely: The immediate availability of goods can be further enhanced with drs//STORE.

The DRS branch-level merchandise management system has everything you need to operate a branch.


drs//STORE is the merchandise management system for the retail chain

Established for years

When talking about software solutions for merchandise management at the branch level that have been successfully implemented within the store, then drs//STORE will always be at the forefront, without a doubt. This has two very simple reasons:

  • The scope of services covers everything that a branch needs for the optimum organisation and smooth running of its business, and
  • for over 30 years, the software has proven itself in a large number of well-known companies within the retail chain store sector.

Complex and comprehensive

What made this extraordinary success possible? What was done differently in order to reach this top position?

The decisive difference was the endeavour to understand branch operations with a comprehensive approach, despite their complexity, and by no means to only think in terms of partial solutions.

Flexible and sustainable

This led to a flexible merchandise management system that proved to be future-proof and expandable. In the past, it was easy to consider all the changes to the organisation and store development that trade and computer technology brought with them.

The scalability of the system also benefited from this. Today, it is used by single-user systems through to large companies with over 1,000 branches.

Across industries

As such, it is no surprise that today, customers who use drs//STORE include food retailers, non-food retailers, perfumeries, pharmacies & stores selling cosmetics/personal care products, tobacco/newsagents, DIY, animal and pet supplies, non-food discounters, special item retailers and bakeries.

And as far as the organisational scenarios are concerned, drs//STORE is available to stores that are externally managed, franchises and independent retailers with a centralised connection.

Networked and integrated

Of course, drs//STORE also covers the different scheduling types and inventory procedures that are required, and the inventory management is of course specific to the article. Because branch systems always have to work together with central ERP systems such as SAP or Dynamics AX, the required interfaces are available.

The digitisation of business processes such as EDI, DESADV, invoicing and electronic auditing is not a problem. The reporting system for article analyses and period comparisons is up-to-date and meets the highest standards.

No ifs and buts

drs//STORE and drs//HQ is built on the fact that its software does one thing: its ensures and relieves! without “ifs and buts”!

That’s why it also has many useful functions such as:

  • Auto-scheduling
  • Permanent inventory
  • Digitisation of work processes (e.g. electronic price tags, mobile client)
  • Automatic label printing in the case of price changes
  • Integration of all of the branch peripherals
    • Printing of labels/posters
    • Weighing systems
    • Labelling machines
  • Avoidance of duplicate data entry

As a result, all these "aids" lead to:

  • a reduction in labour costs
  • a reduction in tied up capital
  • ensuring a higher availability of goods
  • correct inventory management
  • optimum planning


As such, today, drs//STORE and drs// HQ covers the field of merchandise management, both at branch-level and centrally.

We are happy to present you with the possibilities offered by our merchandise management tool.