There is “never” a little loss.

drs//LP (Loss prevention) has the aim of detecting and uncovering losses of all kinds at an early stage, such as the theft of money or goods, credit card fraud and other kinds of electronic manipulation.


drs//LP (Loss prevention) minimises inventory differences and detects cases of fraud

Trust is good ...

Unfortunately, it is a reality that fraud has increased in the field of retail. Also, the expansion of part-time employment is not necessarily conducive to loyalty. A “hand in the till” is just one of the well known phenomena that occurs, however it is the only one that has made it onto the list of popular sayings.

However, in addition to classic video surveillance measures, it is also important to use all the possibilities that are provided by modern system technology in order to uncover fraud, as is the case with drs//LP (Loss prevention).

... Controls are better

Last year alone, inventory differences in the German retail trade amounted to 4.3 billion Euros. With our software solution, drs//LP (Loss prevention) you can avoid damage and minimise losses in no time at all.

In focus

Essentially, this system support focuses on the following areas:

  • Identification of so-called “fraud-critical” business transactions
  • Rule-based analysis of abnormalities
  • The fastest possible detection of missing stock

Respond faster

It is obvious that such services could only be provided by one person with considerable effort and a lot of delay.

Computer-supported analyses (Crime in process) allows for an immediate response to “suspicious” incidents. This makes it difficult for offenders to cause damage to a company protected by drs//LP.

Rapid deployment

In contrast to other system components from our portfolio, drs//LP works completely autonomously, however it does of course have interfaces to merchandise management systems and POS systems produced by other manufacturers.

In addition, it can be quickly put into operation. This is because most of the incidents that come into question are pre-defined and meaningful reports are available for the various relevant issues. In addition, you can easily create further evaluations for your “own” findings.

Everything in view

As such, drs//LP is a kind of early-warning system for fraud-critical processes in the company.

The identification of the processes is accelerated by a bundle of intelligent analyses and in doing so, it helps to systematically make the water less muddy when it comes to cases of fraud. Of course, it is also used to take the burden off of unjustified suspects as soon as possible.

More transparency, more prevention

We are happy to assist you in minimising your inventory differences. Take advantage of our experience.

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