drs//POS: Flexible cash register for the beverage market

In the 7/2022 issue of Getränkefachgroßhandel from Sachon Verlag, various cash register systems for the beverage trade are presented. drs//POS as flexible cash register software for the retail trade enables the mapping of the most diverse scenarios and thereby fulfils all requirements of the beverage trade.

The modular and flexible adaptation to a wide range of usage scenarios makes drs//POS a tried and tested checkout system for retailers. Whether stationary, as a self-checkout variant or mobile for delivery services – drs//POS offers the right configuration for all scenarios.

The important and complex processes in the beverage trade, such as mixing and combination crates, order picking, return of empties, integration of various peripheral devices and the seamless connection to merchandise management can be flexibly and easily mapped by the POS software.