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We offer our own products that equip the merchant for the future. In order to always be a comprehensive partner for the merchant, we have included further products in our portfolio. We are fully convinced that we are able to offer the merchant everything from a single source!

Partner products

Solutions from our partner companies

Retail ERP

The LS Nav based on Navision from LS Retail

LS Retail is the world’s leading software manufacturer and a provider of complete solutions for managing business processes in the field of retail. Its fully configurable software solutions help retailers around the world optimise business processes. From purchases to sales.

Working with DRS Superdata, the experts for the retail sector, the ideal synergy is created for introducing such an important system to the merchant.

Why choose LS Nav from LS Retail

  • All users work on one system with the same data – there are no media breaks
  • Microsoft-compliant user guidance
  • Close integration with other Microsoft products
  • Investment security
  • Future-proof through the use of standard software
  • iHigh level parametrisability allows for adjustments that are specific to the merchant

Retail analytics

Get to know customers better with REA from Fujitsu

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How long do customers stay in the store? How do they move through the store? What products are they interested in and what do they leave out? These are just a few questions a merchant can use to get to the bottom of retail analytics software. In order to draw the right conclusions and exploit opportunities, DRS Superdata provides support with FUJITSU’s Retail Engagement Analytics solution.

As the first analytics partner in Germany, we not only install the solution, but also offer advice concerning the evaluation and conclusion.

Why choose Retail Engagement Analytics (REA) from Fujitsu

  • Perform location analyses in order to choose a better location
  • Optimisation of store layouts and product placement
  • Measure the effectiveness of your “showroom” promotion.
  • Optimise your workforce planning based on department-related visitor numbers
  • Recognise customer visiting patterns
  • Develop fact-based trend data based on measured metrics
  • Benchmarking of the store on the basis of comparable measured values
  • Correlate sales data with collected information for better performance measurement
  • Improve the processes, the customer experience and improve the end result

Warehouse management

Optimise warehouse logistics with LISA from mercatis

Intelligent warehouse logistics means: Keeping track of everything through the controlling and optimisation of all sequences – from the receipt of goods through to shipping. The use of automated storage, conveying and sorting systems is supported as well as integrated guidance systems, modern order picking and mobile applications.

With LISA, the warehouse management system from mercatis, you achieve long-term warehouse performance and exploit the potential to the fullest extent. LISA comes with extensive functionality, processes and strategies as a standard.

Why choose LISA from mercatis

  • Robust & scalable
  • Flexible & adaptable
  • Modern & efficient

Online shop

Create an emotional shopping experience with Shopware

Over the years, a certain standard has emerged among online shops. Shopware convinces the user with a large number of customers and a community, which gives new impetus to ongoing development.

That’s why we see Shopware as one of the leading online stores worldwide. Quick individual adjustments to merchant requirements makes Shopware a flexible instrument for generating revenue.

Why choose Shopware with DRS Superdata

  • Decades of experience in online business
  • A deep knowledge of processes that are mission-critical
  • Full integration into the ERP landscape is possible
  • Special expertise in the fields of usability and graphic design.

For DRS Superdata, the right trading solution is not just a piece of standard software. Whether the issue relates to consultancy, implementation, introducing the software or operations. If you have questions or you'd like a personal discussion, get in touch with us.

We offer everything from a single source.