Mobile tour management at Rullko GmbH

In order to improve the processing of tours, drs//TOUR will be used in the future: All drivers will be equipped with an MDE in order to control the processes optimally and efficiently.

Rullko GmbH (www.rullko.de) is a food wholesaler for commercial kitchens and catering businesses. Delivered centrally from Hamm, the company supplies high-quality food to commercial customers on a daily basis with its own fleet of vehicles e.g. canteens, nursing homes and system catering.
Previously, shipping documents were printed out and handwritten, however drs//TOUR is now used for the processing and documentation of tours: All drivers are equipped with an MDE so that the information can be exchanged online between the truck and the head office and all processes can be controlled digitally and efficiently.

By means of the tour processing app developed by DRS Superdata, the driver is centrally controlled both in terms of where he drives to as well as unloading. The driver is guided through the individual steps – which goods have to be delivered where and what steps have to be performed in each case. The tour data collected by the MDE (e.g. transportation damage, returns, complaints) are used for quality assurance and documentation of the work steps performed. In the central back-office application, all tour data converges in real time and can be used for control, analysis and billing.

Rullko GmbH currently uses 32 vehicles for delivery to customers. Each has to have an MDE. An increase to 50 vehicles is planned.

The benefits of drs//TOUR for Rullko:

  • Close guidance of the driver when it comes to delivery and unloading
  • Increase in the quality of delivery (fewer errors)
  • Enables the deployment of less skilled drivers
  • Faster processing of the tours
  • High reduction of elaborate follow-up processing of the tour in the back office
  • Complete transparency of the delivery process at the main office, in real time
  • Documentation of all relevant information (times, flow of goods, damages/losses, complaints, etc.)

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